Local Attractions - Beach Hotel Muscat
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Local Attractions

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Beach Hotel Muscat is located in the heart city of Muscat which is the capital of Oman. Sultanate of Oman’s coastline stretches for a distance of 3,165 kilometres, including beaches overlooking the Sea of Oman, the Arabian Sea and the Straits of Hormuz in the North. The nature of this coastal strip varies from tourist-friendly sandy beaches where summer holiday-makers hang out, and the rocky coasts, bays, islands and lagoons with their diverse geographical make-up, making them ideal for fishing and marine excursions.

Al Bustan

Al Bustan Beach is only a few kilometers east of the capital, Muscat, and is best reached by car. This little fishing village with its pebble and sandy beach is hidden in a bay, though not impossible to find, and is at some distance from the large city beaches.

Dhofar Beaches

Dhofar Governorate is characterized by attractive and rich beaches. There are plenty of lagoons crowded with flamingos, as well as caves with winding entrances. The Governorate’s most important beaches are Al Maghsayl, Raysut, Al Hafah, and the shores of Wilayat Taqah, Mirbat, and Sha, noted for the purity of their sands and the beauty of their surrounding rocks and scenic nature.

Mutrah Corniche

Mutrah stretches along an attractive corniche of latticed buildings and mosques; it looks spectacular at sunset when the light casts shadows across the serrated crescent of mountains, while pavements, lights, and fountains invite an evening stroll or a bike ride.

Alqurm Beach

This beach lies in AlQurm Area in the heart of Muscat and extends over a large area. A number of large hotel chains are built next to it, such as Hotel Muscat InterContinental and Crowne Plaza. This beach is considered one of the busiest in Muscat due to its location near shopping centers and restaurants.

Bareeq Al Shatti

Located in Shatti Qurum, Bareeq Al Shatti shopping mall showcases products and services from some of the top international brands. Find fashion, jewellery, perfumes, homewear and more, inside.

Qurum Natural Qurum

Qurum Natural Park a spacious public garden and nature reserve, known for its scenic landscaping and large, placid lake. Open since 1993, the vast park remains a green lung of Muscat and a popular spot for locals and tourists alike to stroll, rest, and boat on the lake’s still waters.

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

When in Oman there is one attraction that stands out from the rest, which is known for its grand stature and mystified history. Naturally, the Grand Mosque is going to be one of the highlights of your visit to Muscat. Here are some interesting secrets and facts you should check out before visiting.

Muscat Grand Mosque

This place resonates well with visitors from all over the world. Interestingly, this is the only mosque in Oman that welcomes people of all different faiths.

Al Alam Palace residence of Sultan Qaboos

The Al Alam Palace is the ceremonial palace of Sultan Qaboos of Oman located in Old Muscat, Oman. The palace itself is elegant but humble in design, unlike the grandiose structures of other capitals”. Elegantly designed, it features many highly polished marble surfaces. Government buildings in the vicinity are white, with crenelated rooftops and wooden balconies in the traditional Omani style.

Dolphin watching

A unique aquamarine experience in the crystal clear waters off of the coast of Muscat. You will have the opportunity to search for various forms of dolphins and go snorkeling with turtles and other forms of marine life.

Amouage Perfumery


Amouage is an international luxury fragrance brand founded in 1983 in Oman and operated by the Oman Perfumery LLC, a subsidiary of the Omani SABCO Group.

Bait Al Zubair Museum

Bait Al Zubair is a museum, located on Al Saidiya Street, Old Muscat, Oman.The museum has an extensive collection of ancient weapons, including khanjar, household equipments, and costumes. Outside the museum is a full-scale Omani village and souk.

Muscat – Muttrah Fort



Rising out of the rock on which it’s built, the Mutrah Fort cuts an imposing figure looming over the harbour. If you’ve got an eye for a view be sure to scale the steps that wind up the side of the cliff edge. At the top you’re rewarded with stunning vistas of the surrounding harbour and the Gulf of Oman.

Wahiba Sands


The Wahiba Sands is a large desert area just four hours drive from Muscat.Its geography is mixed: in the north are smaller dunes and wide flat areas, to the east the dunes pile up to 100 metres against the ocean, and in the south, at Barr El Hikman, is a vast expanse of flat sand dotted with treacherous salt flats and home to huge populations of migrating birds.

Al Hoota Cave



Estimated to be over 2 million years old, Al Hoota Cave is located at the foot of Jabal Shams, Oman’s epic mountain. It is the first and only show cave in the Arabian Peninsula with a total length of around 4.5 kilometres, of which just 500 metres is accessible to the general public.

Ras Al Jinz Sea Turtle
& Natural Reserve


One of the most popular eco-tourism activities in Oman is turtle viewing. Oman is home to several important nesting sites for four different species of turtle: the endangered Green Turtle, the Olive Ridley Turtle, the Loggerhead Turtle, and the critically endangered Hawksbill Turtle.